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Iron Yogis



meditative strength

Body, Breath, Heart, Mind, Spirit

MST is the balanced practiced of body weight exercises, breath control and meditation. Like the sharpened spirit of a warrior monk Iron Gump guides the practitioner towards a better understanding of self expression mentally and physically. 

It is an internal and external mobility practice that has been formulated for efficiency of movement and a deeper understanding of strength. 

Through the physical body we enter the subtle body and through the subtle we enter the ether. Iron Yogis is a mind-body strengthening practice that bridges the gap between yoga and traditional kung fu. Through the basic approach of each system we learn how to strengthen and mobilize the body, unify movement with breath work and formulate understandings that will deepen our self awareness.     


The logo:

  The OM symbol in the center represents the original thought or vibration that is needed to start the journey. 

  The circle around & arrow it is the alchemical symbol for iron and also the symbol for Man. 

The arrow is represented by the Bonsai tree and symbolizes the process of growth needed to understand how to grow. 

 I have been using this philosophy to create practices that lead me to create

Meditative Strength Training or MST as a way to further explain the training process. 


Current Schedule

Royal Striking

Mondays 11:30am to 12:30pm


To schedule :

One on One

Or Small group sessions

contact for details

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