Dilgo's Dream

Dilgo's Dream

Prismacolor color pencil prints. ( original design 12x18)

This vision came to me as a midday dream.
I had some previous knowledge of Tibetan monks and masters yet never really looked at any of Dilgo's work until the dream.

Out front a small hut on the side of a mountain, Dilgo was standing in front of a giant piece of wood which looked like the base of a tree was cut and he seemed to be carving it. There was a young child onlooking for a moment then the child walked behind Dilgo and into the hut. Dilgo had a small handheld axe in his hand which he swung swiftly to the center of the giant round piece of tree. He had only struck it once in one spot and the force cut the tree clean across.
Dilgo then with the greatest of ease pushed the top part of the tree off with the small.
I was amazed and then looked away for a second to notice people heading towards the great master with give of all sorts.
Some people tried to convince him that these were his treasures yet he kindly and gently declined each person's offer that stood before him.
I looked away again then when I looked back at Dilgo he had clouds around his hands and head, with fire on his palms and at the top of his head. Then I awoke fro the dream.

The teacher is at the very center of the Tibetan Buddhist world. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche was the archetype of the spiritual teacher. His inner journey led him to an extraordinary depth of knowledge and enabled him to be, for all who met him, a fountain of loving kindness, wisdom, and compassion.
Scholar, sage, and poet, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche never ceased to inspire all who encountered him through his extraordinary presence, simplicity, dignity, and humor. Wherever he was, he would always pray and meditate for several hours before dawn and then embark on an uninterrupted flow of activities and teachings – in gatherings ranging from a few dozen to several thousand people – until late into the night. His immense knowledge, the warmth of his blessings, and the depth of his inner realization gave his teachings a quality quite different from others.

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