Shivas Elixir

Shivas Elixir


The depiction is of Shiva drinking the poison (fear) from the eternal Void which surrounded the universe.


Hand drawn, inked and then digitally colored by Iron Gump

Halahala (poison from the eternal sea) made Gods, Asuras, and all living beings in the world very ill. The Gods and Asuras found no succor from it. In the end, they requested Lord Shiva to help.

Lord Shiva accepted to drink the poison but before the poison could go below his neck, his spouse, Goddess Parvati fearful of the adverse effects of Halahala on Shiva, grabbed Shiva's neck and did not allow the poison to reach his stomach. Because of the effect of the poison, Lord Shiva's neck became blue. This is remembered as saving act of Shiva to all, Gods, Asuras, and humans.

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