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Private group and one on one sessions available by appointment only.

"Music without words means leaving behind the mind.
And leaving behind the mind, is meditation.
Meditation returns you to the Source...
And the source of all is sound." -Kabir-

Dreamtime Journeys

Shamanic Sound Journeys are musical expressions of the imagination that are explored moment by moment. The intention of each journey is to open doorways into dreamtime and allow people to safely travel inwards, then gently guide them back.


Iron Gump's collaboration with fellow artist Adrian King has enhanced the depths of musical exploration and has allowed the two to create beautiful soundscapes for meditation travelers to journey through their mind's imagination. They have been offering sound journeys in the Philadelphia area for over 7years now. 

 Through his understandings of energy and movement, Iron Gump utilizes sound and vibration to guide people into spaces where they can freely explore relaxation or journey deep into the colors of their mind.

Iron Gump has shared his Sound Journeys in Manhattan and Connecticut board rooms/offices, Haitian refugee camps in Dominican Republic, with elders in Maui,  for entrepreneurs at Maderas Village  in Nicaragua and many other places between for the last over 10 years.

He has lead and set the tone for corporate retreats, office openings, informative talks and more recently for Mental Health Week for Remedy Partners Inc. and Quartet Health,  His practice is an inclusive experience for people from all walks of life.

Sage clothing designs by Iron Gump

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