Born in the City.

Raised with an imagination.

Explorer of the world.

  I was born in Camden NJ and was always looking outside of the normalcy of everyday.  I worked as a doorman/security in Philadelphia for 15 plus years at nightclubs, high end cocktail lounges and bars.  

  I’ve taught Haitian refugees living in Dominican Republic during a self funded trip to the island, have led Sound Journeys in board rooms and offices in NYC.            I lived at The Maderas Village in Nicaragua and was the resident mind-body teacher as well as a sound guide for entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

  I lived in Maui and taught local seniors Qigong at 808 fitness Kihei. I am Self taught artist and musician, long time Kung fu practitioner and Yoga instructor who grew up in the city and used his imagination to go see the world. I designed this website to share as much of my imagination as I can.

I am grateful to have had all these experiences and to have been able to do it with little to no money because I didn’t really have any of it planned and just used the resources that were available. 

Life is beautiful when you are able to beyond the mind and I learned that you don’t have to travel far to do that. You don’t have to travel anywhere else but inside of yourself. 

During my travels I created MST (meditative strength training) which is a mental and physical conditioning system of understanding how to move the body and breath in unison.  

MST is based in the philosophical and martial arts principles of balancing the body, breath, heart, mind and spirit (will).

For inquiries about training, art or music contact

Iron Gump via email