Born in the City.

Raised with an imagination.

Explorer of the worlds.

From the streets of Camden. To the rain forests of Hawaii. I have shared food with Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic and drinks with entrepreneurs from all around the world in Nicaragua.

I have set the tone for corporate weekends for Remedy Partners working closely with Charles Wiggins and have worked with Quartet Health for mental health week. I took the employees on a sound journey inside their office and explained the importance of sound, breathing and movement. 

During my travels I created Iron Yogis/Combat Yoga MST (meditative strength training) which is a mental and physical conditioning system of understanding how to move the body and breath in unison.  

MST is based in the philosophical approaches of the martial artist and yogi.

Been teaching the arts for over 15years and I am certified in Yoga and Qigong as an instructor (continuing studies)    

I am back in the Philadelphia area raising a family and sharing my arts/experiences.



Mondays @royalstrikingmma 11:30 am also offering private sessions at this location


I am teaching Private 1 on 1 sessions at locations that are scheduled by the client.  

For inquiries about training, art or music contact

Iron Gump via email