Through these 5 paths, I have experienced many aspects of growth and living. 
I have been practicing Qi Gong conditioning for over 20 years with a few special masters and friends. Through my martial arts training, I became drawn to the depths of Yogic philosophy and movement. In 2011 I decided to take a Yoga teacher training course to deepen my practices. After I finished the course, I spent a year developing this new understanding I had before teaching it to anyone else. I then traveled to a few different countries to hone my practice in nature and deepen my understanding even more.

During the time that I spent  exploring these new yet familiar concepts, I began to dive deep into music and it's effect on the mind / body. Music started to become a major part of my daily life and practices. I began to share this musical experience in the form of Sound Journeys in 2010. I shared these journeys with corporate executives and their employees in NYC, entrepreneurs from all over the world on vacay when I lived and worked as a meditation movement guide in Nicaragua and many other people from all walks of life, as a way for them explore their own imaginations and still believe in the magic the may have when they were children.

I have taught and played music in Maui, Hawaii, Maderas Village in Nicaragua and in Costa Rica. Being back in Philadelphia has given me the opportunity to share what I have learned  and continue to learn with friends old and new.

"In a world of make believe, let us believe in what we make."


iron gump

Body, Breath, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

The arts I share are a culmination of my life's experiences. Art has always been a major part of my life, as i came from a family of self taught  artist who expressed themselves through music, drawing, painting and other forms of self expression. Most of them stopped exploring the arts for various reason. I myself continued to explore the worlds of color, sound, movement, silence and breath-work. 

I have 

Meditative movement was my 1st