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Our Clients Say

I have done one-on-one sessions with gump more than a handful of times and it’s one of the most powerful energetic resets from a physical standpoint I’ve ever received. Gump is incredibly knowledgeable in this area of work and understands what your body needs on an individual level. I know that when my body is off, in pain, or if in general if I am not overall mentally/emotionally feeling like myself, I know the training work with Gump brings me back to myself. The constant correcting of posture and every move we do during each session really helps my body remember how important it is to apply the learnings to my everyday life. Also, be prepared to SWEAT!!! I have learned more and more about the work he does during each session and how recentering/grounding it is. I did one virtual session with Gump, and was uncertain if the quality of the workout may feel different vs the in person sessions, but he puts you to work and I absolutely broke a sweat, but more importantly felt realigned. I was having excruciating back pain and it was significantly alleviated after our first virtual session. I highly recommend working with Gump if you are looking for a energetic recentering while breaking a sweat. You will learn a lot about yourself, your body, your strength, and as he says “don’t let the ego tell you otherwise”. This not just a “workout”, his trainings are adopting a new way of life. 10/10!!!! 


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Introducing our Original Tshirt Art collection, featuring designs created by Iron Gump himself. Our artistic tees embody the perfect blend of martial arts, spirituality, yoga, and fitness. Made with the highest quality materials, these shirts allow you to express your unique style while maintaining comfort and durability.

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