Body, Breath, Heart, Mind and Spirit.

Through these 5 paths, I have experienced many aspects of growth and living. 

I'v have been practicing/learning body and breath conditioning for over 20 years and teaching meditative arts for 10 of those years. I've learned Kung Fu conditioning and "martial" Qi gong body and breath development from a few special masters during that time. I later became a Yoga teacher to deepen my practices and merge the teachings. I spent a few years developing this new understanding I had before sharing it to anyone else.


During the time that I spent exploring these new yet familiar concepts, I began to dive deep into music and it's effect on the mind and body. Music started to become a major part of my daily life and practices. I began to share this musical experience in the form of Sound Journeys. I shared these journeys with many people from around the world, so they could explore their own imaginations.

I have taught and played music in Maui, Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Maderas Village, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. On travels I spent time sharing and working with Haitian refugees, Hawaiian elders, entrepreneurs on vacation, street kids, locals and anyone who was willing to explore their mind-body connection. I did this all with limited funds and with no expectations of an outcome good or bad.

Being back in Philadelphia has given me the opportunity to share what I have learned/continue to learn.

My way of teaching/sharing is getting to understand how each person's body moves and then work on developing a proper blue print for them to create an optimal environment for growth and health.