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Iron Gump

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Meditative Strength Training  

Strength of the body, breath, heart-mind and spirit.

I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years and practicing/studying martial arts for 20. The integrative practice of both these arts has been a wonderful exploration of mind-body connectivity and strength.


I teach one on one sessions designed for the needs of the practitioner, group classes weekly and now online at SOMBLE . 


Any questions about training reach out via email.  

Check out some of my workouts/classes on instagram.        

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Iron Gump

“My job is to give all those that I work with, the proper tools to be able to handle the “perceivable” stressors in their respective fields.” 

  For over 20 year I have explored the connection between the body, breath, heart-mind and spirit. I was fortunate enough to learn from some in-sightful Masters that gave me a foundational understanding and lifelong practices to build upon. 

  The practice back then and now is based on developing strengths that have longevity built into their physical and mental manifestations.  

  I have taught MST around the world to people from all walks of life and ages. Everything we will do is  easily approached yet has depths to explore within your practice of self mastery. 

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The music of Life

“Like a movie for your ears, each sound journey is an experience into the imaginative world of vibration and silence.”


Since 2011 I have been sharing sound journeys in Philadelphia, NYC,  Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Each 1.5-2hr Journey is designed to stimulate the imagination and allow you to travel deep within. 

Available for private one on one

and group sessions. Email me below for details. 

Listen to some past journeys below as well.

For booking information click link below. 

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“In a world of make believe. Believe in what you make.”

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