In a world of
make believe.

Let us
believe in
we make.

Haitian refugee camp 2011
teaching MST in Munoz, DR

Breathe, Live, Explore & Share Life

    ”My life has been a dedicated practice of exploring the artistry of living. It began with a pencil then grew into a physical practice that has forever changed my interaction with the world.”    


 I have traveled to different places around the world to learn more about “living” life and to immerse myself in the culture of these environments. 

 In Munoz, Dominican Republic I learned that life was simple yet complex. I taught breath work and movement in the Haitian refugee camps.  

 In Maui, HI I got to experience the beauty of culture and nature.

 In Nicaragua I was somewhat of a “guru on the go” for entrepreneurs from all over the world. I was their yoga teacher, sound journeyman and tour guide. I also was made friends with local dogs and we hung out on the rocks and people watched. 

 In NYC I led sound journeys for corporate retreats, a Shabbat or 2, office openings for Remedy Partners and with Quartet Health for mental health week.  

So many stories to tell. Book coming soon.  

Internal Change 

Strength of the body, breath, heart-mind and spirit.


I have been teaching yoga for over 10 years and practicing/studying martial arts for 20. The integrative practice of both these arts has been a wonderful exploration of mind-body connectivity and strength.


I teach one on one sessions designed for the needs of the practitioner, group classes weekly and now online at SOMBLE . 


Any questions about training reach out via email.  

Check out some of my workouts/classes on instagram.        

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Playa Maderas San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua 


Wedding reception Philadelphia, PA

The music of Life

“Like a movie for your ears, each sound journey is an experience into the imaginative world of vibration and silence.”


Since 2011 I have been sharing sound journeys in Philadelphia, NYC,  Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Each 1.5-2hr Journey is designed to stimulate the imagination and allow you to travel deep within. 

Available for private one on one

and group sessions. Email me below for details. 

Listen to some past journeys below as well. 

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